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Flooring over carpet


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My schedule doesn't allow me to get to ballet class often so I practice at home in my apartment. I have enough space, but the floor is carpeted, which interferes with turning. I want to get some kind of marley-type floor to put over the carpet. The carpet has a slightly higher pile than office carpeting. What types of flooring would be substantial and stiff enough to place over the carpet? Kitchen linoleum is not stiff enough.


I cannot practice in my kitchen and bathroom because they are too small.


Thanks for any ideas.


EDIT: I'm not thinking of using a hard surface like plywood or installing a subfloor.

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My hubby and I own a floor covering business. Anything you put over your carpet will eventually ruin it, especially as you intend to dance on the hard surface. If you are renting, this may be a consideration.

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