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Losing balance.


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I used to have great balance and control, about last year, but then I grew about 5 inches since then. I know when you are taller (i'm 5'10 and 13) you have a different center of gravity, but what can I do to improve that?

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Growth bursts are always such fun! :clapping:


Your duty now, should you choose to accept it, is to find your center of gravity, and make sure that you use it now as you did before, when you had all that great control and balance. Hint: It's somewhere around your solar plexus, the pit of the stomach, right under your breastbone.

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One of my teachers, told me that since I was rather tall (I'm 5'8'' 1/2) it would be really helpful for me to do pilates regularly to have a strong "core". Having a strong core, I think will help you with your balance and control. I hope this helps. :)

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I tried taking yoga to help with my balance and I think it worked . . nut then I had to schedule in another dance class and so yoga had to go :offtopic:

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