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I have been dancing with the same studio with the same teacher since I was 3. The studio is very tight nit, and family run, so basically everyone is family. A branch of a well known studio here is opening a new studio right near my home, and they are holding auditions for a Jazz/Hip Hop team. I really want to try for the dance team, but I am afraid to offend the other teachers. How do I tell them? I will still take ballet at my old studio if I make the team, but I am worried they'll get offended.


Also, on another note, what should I wear for the auditions? It is in the form of a class, and they said they will just be reviewing the kids at the end of the tryout class period (3 weeks @ 1 class/week). Is there anything specific I should wear or do? What would be your advice?


I am sorry if there are topics like this, I can never do a good search!!!



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There are topics about going to different studios for different kinds of classes, which should be okay if your studio does not offer those classes, but there are no topics about what to wear for jazz/hip hop team auditions, as this board is about ballet. Sorry, but we really do not have a lot of expertise in that area.

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