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Class with kids okay?

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Hello again, I am just thinking about starting ballet again after a 5 month absence due to injuries and time commitments (I just transferred to a new university that's about an hour and 15 mintues away) and I really don't want to go on an hour bus ride/subway ride to go to the ballet class I went to in the summer time and I am thinking about taking lessons at the ballet studio near my house, but there is one problem. The teacher that I didn't care for is still there and is teaching the adult classes. There is another option, I could take classes with the better ballet teacher but it would have to be a class with kids. Do you think it's okay to take classes with kids if there is no other option. Because if I didn't there would be no chance of me taking ballet classes, as I've checked out others close to me.

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It depends on a lot, IMHO. Have you asked the teacher if it's OK? If he or she says no, then it's not OK. If yes, then socially it can be awkward, depending, but it can also work. It all depends, I think.

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Katty, there have been a few discussions of this, with lots of different views & experiences. I hope some of our regular dancers with the teenagers chime in!


If you do a search restricted to the Adult Students and Adult Students Buddy Board with the term "teenagers" you'll find more. Here are a couple for you:


Do you like dancing with tennagers


Dancing with the kids


I'm moving this topic to the Buddy Board, as this forum is for technique discussions.

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I've taken both kinds of classes and I've enjoyed them for different reasons. I really like the seriousness of the teenage class because the teachers are usually more strict and aren't afraid to keep you focused and moving with lots of structure. My first serious ballet class was like this and the teacher treated me just like the other students and I really liked that. sometimes you'll find that a teacher is reluctant to correct you in a teen class because they are afraid of "embarrassing" you, though.


Adult classes are fun for other reasons, although they tend to be shorter in duration and a lot less structured (a con in my opinion) there is lots of rapport and discussions amongst the students and teachers. And if you don't mind the shorter classes and really like your teacher it can be fun and relaxing.


I think it really depends upon what you like. If it doesn't offend your other teacher I think the teen class might be right for you as long as you have permission. I think it is just fine for you to take with the teens, especially if your levels are very similar. I have also found that they are very accepting of adults as long as the adults don't disrupt the familiar flow of the class and don't talk too much, something that is very tempting for us chatty adults (me) which are used to saying what we're thinking when we're thinking it.



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I have taken kids' classes, but never with kids below 8th grade. I did this while I was in college and right after. When I was taking kids' classes, I was expected to adhere to the dress code. I had to wear my pink tights under the leotard, no skirts or legwarmers, etc. At one studio, the cleaning lady, who was probably in her 40s, took class with pre-teens.

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I attend 2-3 classes per week at a very small dance academy. Because of a dearth of intermediate and higher level adult students, all my classes are currently with younger people (I am 45.) My level IV classes are with older teens aged 14-18, and my Level III classes are with younger dancers, aged 12-14 (with a 17 year old and a 52 year old thrown in the mix.) In general we all work and perform together quite comfortably. It might very well feel differently in a larger school with bigger classes and multiple teachers, but because of our class sizes and the fact that we are all taught by the same instructor for every class, the whole school feels quite intimate and friendly. As for dress code, adults in our school are allowed their choice of attire. :devil:

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I dance with both younger students and adults, the yougest is probably 11 in the pre-intermediate class and i have found no problems at all. Luckily I have always been a pink tights and black leo girl!!

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I took class with 8 year olds for the last 7 months!

Today was supposed to be my last class, as I am moving to another studio....but that's a whole other story which I'll be posting in its own thread. :offtopic:

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I, too, have done both adult and "kid" classes, and have enjoyed both. Actually, I think I liked the "kid" classes better, because we were all at roughly the same skill level, while in the adult classes there was a wide range of ability. The teacher had to teach to all those levels, and it could get frustrating.


I've found that the younger students don't seem to mind an adult at all--in fact, they seem to think it's kind of cool that someone their mom's age is willing to don a leo & tights and go for it. They've all been very friendly.


So if the teacher has no problem with it--go for it!



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..... Do you think it's okay to take classes with kids if there is no other option.....


55 year old guy here, I take class 4 day a week with young people. I've just started my forth year and am in the pre-professional 1 (advanced intermediate level) Yes, there are some problems with that situation but it can be workable. With the assumption that the instructor has sanctioned this venture, it depends on how much you want to study and what you are willing to put up with.


My personal experience is that the kids tend to ignore you unless you’re very accomplished. It is only now after three years in class that some of the students will talk to me. Now understand that we are talking about a guy they see as their grandfather taking class with them. How’s that for weird. LOL


In the studio where I take class, the emphasis is on the young students and if I get a correction it is rare and no I'm not that good! LOL. It took me a while to realize that is how it is. So that is some what easier to take now but that really depends on the instructor and whether he/ she can strike a balance. I chose to study with kids because I thought I would get better training opportunities than in the adult classed that were around. I couldn't fine a class in the advanced beginning level. It seems that the classes were either very beginning or advanced intermediate. You said something about college so I think you’re in your early 20's. It shouldn’t be a problem for you unless you’re going there for social interaction. I'm not saying it won’t happen. But that may take a while until the kids decide your ok. Good luck!

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