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Short hair?!


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This past summer I went from long hair to a short, choppy cut. I am growing it out, as it was not the perfect choice, but my next performance is in April, and I am wondering on some tips to put up my hair, so I don't stick out! It can go into a very small pony tail, though! Thanks so much!

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If that were my problem, I'd consult with a professional hairdresser, and see what's available. There are a lot more options these days in hair extensions, half-wigs - hey, even QUARTER-wigs. And there are technologies out there to help. I only know these from conversations with my sister, who has the beautician license.

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I am not sure how she does it, but one of my friends that I dance with has super short hair. For performances, she wears a fake bun. I think she gels her hair back and puts the bun over her ponytail. You have to get a nice face bun or else it will look really fake.

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But get advice on it from the pros! Many hair appliances aren't made for the forces that ballet dancers exert on them.

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