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Music: The Talisman by Drigo?

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After an exhaustive search, I still cannot locate the music for "The Talisman" by Drigo. DD wants to perform this variation and I know it must exist somewhere. Can anyone help?

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Where did she learn it? If she saw it on a video or DVd, there is a way (worst case scenario, if you really can't find the music-- and I've never seend it on CD), to take the music from a dvd and put it onto a CD. I had this professionally done by a small video shop (the type that did dubbing and transfers from cassette to DVD). It cost about 30$ for a cd. The quality was slightly fuzzy but worked fine for what I wanted it for (a school performance).

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I think I'd call up a ballet company that has performed it and ask what recording they use. I did a quick google check and see that the pas de deux has been performed at YAGP a number of times. Perhaps you can find out where one of the schools whose students performed it got it from?


Another option is to go to some of the youtube performances of it and ask the person who uploaded it where the music came from. Often, the person who uploaded is related to the performer, if not one and the same, and would know where the recording came from.


I recently had success finding a specific Maria Callas recording this way.

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I'm going to move this to "Ballet Books, Music, etc." where one of our resident experts might see it and be able to help! :thumbsup:

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  • 6 years later...

So I wander in here for the first time in a decade, and resurrect a post from 2008. I am sure that breaks all kinds of internet etiquette rules. . .


Anyway, I find myself in the same position as the poster 6 years later, does anyone have an update?

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Try the Petrucci Library:


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It is very easy to extract music from YouTube as an mp3, and often pieces are cut already on there. Just google an online YouTube to mp3 converter- many will come up. You will need a video that is the music though, not a recording of a dancer, since that will have applause and be too fuzzy. Some performance videos are ok as the person posting it added the music on top of the video separately so it can be heard, you will have to look and see. What I don't know are copyright, etc type rules for this, for personal use I'm sure it's fine but I really have no idea, perhaps someone can advise.

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