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Practicing Hard Can Lead to Broken Bones


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I just wanted to tell everyone to be EXTRA careful when practicing at home!

Last night I was working on my pirouettes - and well, I came down completely wrong on my left foot - and broke my 5th metatarsal. It bruised and swelled almost immediately - and today an x-ray confirmed it's broken. It's not a huge break - they did say "fracture" which has always meant to me it isn't as bad as it could be.

Ok, wishful thinking, maybe - but I need lots of prayers or good vibes or whatever you guys can send out. I am determined to heal up and get back to class.


I have my first recital in June - and I really want to participate still - Even if it's me doing a few piques in the background.


I'm not letting this silly little thing stop me!


Scan of my Xray: http://i223.photobucket.com/albums/dd116/i...lauren_foot.jpg

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Wow, that's about exactly the same place, and same foot, that I broke 2 1/2 years ago! I was attempting a turn and my foot remained planted.


From a purely non-professional medical opinion, the x-ray looks a lot better than mine did. Mine was displaced about 5-6 mm, and almost required surgery. I was in a boot for 3 1/2 months. If it's ok with your doctor, I found Pilates to be very helpful. I could do all the exercises that were non-weight bearing and it definitely helped when I returned to ballet. I also rode an exercise bike for my aerobic workout (I usually run).


Heal quickly!

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Did they have to set it?


How's the pain? I found that if I kept it elevated with ice on it, it was tolerable, especially once it was set.


Just don't ever trust my husband for medical advice. He looked at my foot and said "it's just a sprain". I told the nurse who checked me in what he said and she took one look at my foot and said "oh no, it's broken".


Don't think of this so much as a set back but a chance to work on something else (Pilates, etc, with doctor's ok) that can help your ballet in the long run.


I'll definitely keep you in my prayers and let us know what the verdict is!

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I go tomorrow (swelling was part of the issue of no cast today) to get it checked by an ortho and I will post what they say. I pray for the best!!!

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Yeah - my coworkers rock.

So, here's my update.

The orthopedic surgeon seemed completely unconcerned. He figured my foot would heal on it's own, even - but put me in a cam boot.

It hurts like mad - so I'm using crutches to ease into walking on it.

I'm doing ok - and hope I heal up a great deal in 2 weeks - when I got back for another xray!

Talk to you guys then!

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good luck :devil: from someone who is recovering from a second lot of surgery after breaking her wrist a year ago ... :thumbsup:

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Yay! Sounds like it went really well. You'll be back in no time.


Your doctor's reaction sounds a lot better than mine. I had one doctor describe it as "one of the worst breaks he'd ever seen" (he wanted to do surgery right away so I got out of there and went for a second opinion). The doctor I ended up with described it as "a doozy of a break". You don't like to hear that kind of stuff from doctors.


So can you do anything exercise-wise while it heals?

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right now just attempting to walk around is exercise. Oh my! It's 14 degrees out and the bone ACHES really bad!

So, walking it is for now, I think once I can bear weight, I'll be able to do some other stuff.

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Lauren, I just came back from having my own foot x-rayed, and I have broken my foot in exactly the same place! It did not entirely break into 2 pieces as yours has, but it is in exactly the same place and has that same diagonal line. I believe I did it on the unfamiliar floors I was dancing on when I visited my Mom in December. Darn! No dancing for at least a month, he says. I'll mourn with you!

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Do you have a cam walker or anything?

Umm, guys...I got no instructions except "you can take it off to shower"....

I assume I need to sleep with it on, right?

I mean, you wouldn't take a cast off to sleep...

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Is the cam walker like the boot I had with the velcro straps, comes up to the knee?


I had to sleep in mine. It took a little while to get comfortable but then I was fine. Also, I ended up getting another of the velcro, liner part. That way I could wash one and let it dry while wearing the other. I also used to use the Lysol spray cleaner to clean the sole of the boot before I went to bed. It is definitely an improvement over a regular cast in that you can remove it to shower. I used two plastic folding chairs in the shower since we didn't have a tub, but it's a large shower. One chair to sit in, the other to rest my foot upon. Plus we had a removable shower head. Worked great.


Good luck!

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I slept wrapped in the ace bandage from Monday. I rested my foot gently and today I am calling the doc. I feel so stupid not asking more questions. I think he honestly made me feel stupid sort of.

If anything - I'm only set back a day!

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Don't feel bad, they never told me about sleeping in it either, I had to ask too! Maybe it just seems obvious to them? :rolleyes:

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