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When performing on stage, is it better to be the "ballerina" that everyone notices or should everyone be the same? I'm just not sure! Thanks :offtopic:

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You can't, but I just did. A parent here on the Young Dancers' board. Only the students and the teacher/moderators may post here.


Now, as to the question. If you are a soloist, then when you are dancing alone, you are supposed to stand out. If you dance in and out of a corps position, you must conform your movements to the corps. If you are in the corps, you must be like a cog in a gear. As far as the choreography will allow, you have to dance just like everyone else.

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Ohhh! Now I understand a bit more of how the boards work!


Anyway, thank you for the advice! I'm just a little bit worried that I will stand out, because I am about a foot shorter than everyone else! Also, I am the youngest in my class! But, hey, there's no way of controlling that, so it's no use worrying. :offtopic:

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Height? Shucks, no! As you say, there's nothing you can do about that, so why be concerned? Besides, it usually works in your favor. It usually puts you in the front line of the corps.

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Oh :offtopic:

I never thought of that! Front row! Thanks!


P.S. I am used to dancing with younger kids, where I am about their height, but I'm in a new class!

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