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Performing a Balanchine variation?


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I currently go to a university without much at all in the way of a dance department, much less ballet. However this year a group of students with ballet backgrounds have joined up to form a ballet student organization. The group is having a performance in the spring and the girl in charge of it asked me to do a variation- any variation that I want. I learned the Tchai Pas variation a couple summers ago at an SI and I want to do that, but I'm not sure if thats even ok because of the Balanchine Trust and all. help ?

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Someone may correct me if I'm mistaken, but I think it depends on where/fo whom you intend to perform it. If you are just learning it and are doing it intramurally for the other members of your group or even within the school, that might (but I suspect might not) be permissible; but certainly performing any Balanchine in public without express permission from the Balanchine Trust is probably off limits. Would our experts care to weigh in?

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Thank you mcrm55 for your information, but please remember that only Young Dancers 17-22 and selected moderators are permitted to respond or discuss in this forum.


As for the Balanchine Trust, it would not hurt to write to or call the Trust personally to find out how they would view this. It might depend upon who taught it to you and where you learned it. One never knows. Will tickets be sold?


To my knowledge, only the Trust is able to make this decision. :rolleyes:


Major Johnson or Ms. Leigh may know more on this subject. :thumbsup:

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"Fair use" is in the eyes of the rights-holder. Vrsfanatic is right, you will never be quite sure unless you contact the Trust and explain the circumstances described above, and probably quite a bit more.

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knock-knock - parent here! We had guest artists perform a Balanchine pas (Who Cares?) in our spring production 3 years ago. We were advised that it was necessary to get permission to perform Balanchine works on any public stage. We had to obtain a license agreement, pay a small royalty fee per show ($50 comes to mind) and have the wording in our program approved by The George Balanchine Trust. Also, we were not allowed to videotape that part of the performance.

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lgmg11 thank you very much for your input however there are no longer knock-knock priveleges on the Young Dancers forums. Please feel free to open a thread regarding this topic in another forum since a few parents are finding interesting things to say.


Parental members, there are many reasons why only the three moderators are permitted to address issues in the Young Dancers forums. Please trust that we are knowledgable and also have the safety of your young dancers at heart.


You may always PM a moderator with your suggestions so we are able to make the decision as to whether or not the information should be posted.


Thank you. :rolleyes:

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oops - sorry! :rolleyes: I completely understand why moderators need to control this forum! I will PM moderators in the future! Thanks.



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I believe that this question has been answered, and it is determined that the poster needs to request permission from the Balanchine Trust, so I will close this now. Thank you all for your information.

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