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How do I enhance my arches?


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My insteps are not very good. i'm on pointe but my insteps are not as good as most of the kids in my class. My foot doesn't point as much as most people. I really want to be better on pointe. I saw something called an arch enhancer in a dance magasine. Are those practical or effective? what kind of exercises would help me?

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers Pointepiggie13! :D "Pointe enhancers" will not help you to develop your arches, only a lot of hard work with a good teacher can do that! Ask your teacher to take the time to go over what your needs are and exercises that may help you. Without see you, it is very difficult o say what will help you in particular. Very good releves are a beginning, on demi pointe at first and then on pointe. :)

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:D my dance teacher gave some other girls and me some excercising such as pointing and flexing while sitting with your legs stretched out in front of you, and doing 36 tendus on each foot, alternating after going half way. If none of this helps there are alot of similar threads that should help.
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Work hard and completely through the feet on:





Pas de cheval


and a really good position sur le cou de pied.


Plus any time the foot goes to demi-pointe, as relevé or elevé,

or anytime the foot is off the ground, point the foot well. That should about cover everything. :D

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Use a THERABAND! Every day! It's helped me so much, but you have to be comitted to not skipping the exercises and doing them every day.


How many do you do a day, and do you mean the pointe and flex through the theraband exercise?

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I just do as many a day as I feel I need to. What I do is pop on some music and stretch along with it. You just put you foot in the middle of the Theraband and then put your foot into demi-pointe, stretching through the theraband. Then extend your foot to full pointe and back to demi . . . repeat repeat repeat to the music. The faster you can tap your toe (extend to pointe and back) the stronger your foot is :D


Hope that helps . . . . oh and choose music at the right speed :D

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