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Slight hyperextension


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My 11.5 dd has noticed that she has a slight hyperextension in her knees. Apparently one of her teachers has noticed as well and complimented her on having nice lines. She didn't give her any specific instructions other than keeping her leg straight when bringing the leg derrière in roun de jamb (sorry for the spelling).


I don't think the hyperextension is pronounced, it's just enough to add to her lines. I do recall her having to not straighten her knees so much in 5th last year when she developed knee pain. Other than that, are there any specific things she should watch out for? She is very strong, not very flexible. Her leg is straight on pointe, but she can hyperextend it in arabesque. She has been going about the studio and the house lately trying different positions and looking at her legs...I'm not sure if should be pushing the issue. I have noticed that when she stands with her knees locked her alignment is terrible!


I've checked the archives, but the posts seem to address a more pronounced hyperextension.

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Slight hyperextension is really quite a usual thing, statistically speaking, and until it starts interfering with your work, as in throwing your weight back onto your heels, it's not much talked about. The thing to watch out for IS that knee pain. The leg should never be jammed back into full-locked position - the key word being "jammed".

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