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Remembering combinations in class


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Hello all,

I have always had difficulty remembering combinations in class, with many different teachers. I make sure I can see the teacher. I notice that if I just watch or just mark it with her, I don't remember it.


If I am given the terminology and the number of repetitions for each, I can usually remember, but the teacher does not always explicitly state all that and I find it difficult to keep track if she is just showing it.


Do any of you have strategies that I could try? Specifically, if there is something I can do to notice patterns, or "chunks". I just cannot remember each step independently.



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I too remember having difficulty learning exercises. :blushing: What finally worked for me was to pay attention to the musical structure and the way everything coordinates. Since you are in the YD 17-22 forum, I will assume you have been studying ballet for sometime. Is this so? :shrug:


Some teachers have a different rhythmical structure and coordination to their exercises than may seem logical to some students. Also the musical selection, by the accompanist has a great effect upon a teacher's ability to teach a group of students how to memorize an exercise. By this I mean, the exercise has one musical logic but the music does not support what must be accomplished.


Outside of marking the exercise with the teacher, I would suggest that you focus on sequences. Is the front, side, back the same and then something different? Does the exercise work front, back, side and something else? Is the exercise constructed front and back are the same and the side is different? Or everything might be done en crois! :thumbsup: There usually is a pattern so you really do not have to memorize all 64 counts, just sequences. :o

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I realize this may not be something you can do in class but you might want to try writing the combinations down in a notebook. Talk with your instructor(s) and see if there is a written copy at studio you can borrow while at studio to copy the combinations down into your notebook. If not, talk with the other students and see if one of them won't help you by sitting down and reviewing the combinations while you write them down.


DD's studio has dancers write the combinations down in notebook. The senior level doesn't write them down in class any longer but I know several of the dancers - including dd - who still sit down after class and write down the combinations. It not only helps them but if one of the other dancers has missed combinations, they help that dancer learn the combinations faster and easier, thus catching up quicker to the rest of the class.


Hope this helps.

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Kellinger, I left your post, this time, but please note that this is a YD board. No parents allowed! :thumbsup:

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Kellinger your enthusiasm to help is noted and your suggestion is a very good one, however you have posted on the Young Dancer's forum which is not a good thing. :thumbsup: Only Ms Leigh, Major Johnson and myself are permitted to participate in discussions with the students who choose to post in these forum. While I am sure it was an oversight on your part, please respect the rules of the forums to help to protect the safety of the Young Dancers. Thank you for your understanding. :o


Ms Leigh and I were posting at the same time

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My teachers usually build combanations over time, pay attention when a teachers is introducing something new because the same combanation could show up next week a little harder.

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