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split stretches

live love dance scream77

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i pretty much have my splits except i'm not flat on the ground :) i'm like an inch and a half off and i have no idea what to do. i've been stretching alot more in class and after class and when i get home from school and before i go 2 bed everyday and i dunno whats wrong. i'm thinking its my knee not in the right place when i go into my splits. i just wanna know what else i can do






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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, llds, but let me advise you that we encourage proper spelling, capitalization and punctuation from posters. "Textspeak" won't do here, as we have people from all over the world reading, and while we really insist on English as the posting language, there are quite a few members who have it as a second or third language. We want to make everything clear to them!


As to the splits, are you completely warmed up when you do them? If not, then there's your problem. Before you go to bed at night seems a rather odd time to do a full barre, so only try splits when you are all loose from class.

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And splits ARE the stretch for splits. That is their purpose, to stretch you for extension. Doing them is not the important thing, it is doing them in order to stretch. One does not have to be all the way down to be receiving the benefit of the stretch.

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