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February wine couch


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Well, I don't like to whine too much but I'm getting really sick of my hand! I had 30 stitches out last week which was very painful, can't dance until the bone grows back into the holes left by the screws and the plate which has held my wrist together for the last year, and the whole thing just hurts ! Not intensely (as when the carpal tunnel first made its unhappiness apparent), but it's just nagging, chronic, tedious, just above the radar pain and discomnfort. That gets old pretty quickly ... but heigh ho, life goes on. Maybe I'll be back in the studio by March.


I hope everyone's having a better February than I seem destined for!

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Guest pink tights

I'm so sorry you are still plagued by the broken wrist! Hopefully, you will mend quickly and you will return to class by the time the daffodils are blooming :D ....which in my part of the world, is late February!


Sending positive thoughts (or perhaps a cashmere sweater :shrug: ) your way...

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Redbookish, it's been a long haul, hasn't it? I'm glad you've had your stitches out, though. I hope you're back in the studio just as soon as can be.


pink tights, some of us need to move to where you live! I'd love to see some flowers this month!


I'd also love to make it to dance class more, but I have only one night a week in which to take ballet and it conflicts with other inescapable things...work meetings, required courses, and doctor's visits. I desperately miss dancing! Meanwhile, the lack of opportunity certainly makes what little I have all the more precious!

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Redbookish, sending you healing thoughts. It sounds like it has been a long, hard road for you with your wrist.

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Grrr! So I finally find an intense class with a syllabus, and I get all excited because tonight, we're starting a completely new section! YAY! I won't have to play catch-up on the learning cycle...


Saturday, I get hit with the worst stomach flu I have ever had.


Now, not only can I not dance -tonight-, but the muscles that wrap around my back to my abs are so sore, it hurts to laugh, much less balance! I'm supposed to teach choreography on Wednesday, and I'm leaving the state on Thursday! That's a week of classes missed!! :D GAAAH! So much for re-commitment to the art. I was just thinking of upping the times I go a week, but I guess that's not a good idea yet.

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I'm just going to vent a little bit, because I adore my brother and I am so excited and proud of his excitement for dance. I introduced him to it, and he's getting better and better by the day.


But dang it all!


I'm freakin' handicapped along my spine! I will never be able to do half the things that are essential to "pretty" ballet, no matter how hard I train or try. I've been dancing for five years, and I think I've come a long way.


And my brother waltzes in last year, and there are people trying to talk him into professionally dancing someday! He's not there yet, obviously, but he always teasing me about how I've danced for five years, and he's only danced a year....he shows real talent, and that's awesome, but I hate just...GAH!


Okay...I'm not really mad. Like I said, I'm proud of him. I guess I'm more mad at me.

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I'll have a glass of virtual wine please - although I couldn't handle a glass of real wine.


Saturday 2 weeks ago I fell on my knee and bruised it - no serious or long lasting injury, but severe enough to warrant a few days rest, and gave me a really tight hip and back, so last week was mainly a wash out dance wise, the tight hip meant I couldn't go to class Wednesday and now I'm at home with a cold and nausea, so am feeling like I haven't done anything for two weeks, I've missed my Friday class several weeks in a row now.


And I was so wanting to go to class and prepare for my roles for next season (but that's a champagne moment :-) )

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Small whine, my own fault...


I've not been able to go to class for two solid weeks now....and it doesn't look like I'll be getting there until next Thursday. Events keep happening that take ballet out of my schedule, which.... I mean, life happens....but it still sucks...

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I feel really whiny this evening, for no apparent reason other than sometimes I think I'll always be this beginning student, never really pulling it all together, always looking like a beginner, and it bums me out. Whine, whine, pass a glass please... :lol: Here's hoping to feel more optimistic tomorrow.

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Since I am an architecture student, and architecture professors seem to often forget that students need to do this ridiculous thing called "sleep," I haven't gotten much of it lately. So I am often too tired for ballet class, or, when I insist on going after a long night of hard work, I find my performance is no where near as good. I don't procrastinate- they just give us so much work! Staying up all night also tends to affect my normally healthy eating habits (read: diet coke and late night snacks...). Ugh. School.

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hailinpointeshoes, good luck with your architecture classes. I've heard they are really hard & that you have to stay up late most nights to finish homework (friend of mine tried architecture for a little while). Don't be too hard on yourself that you're missing ballet right now & not dancing up to par---you can't dance well without enough rest, & you're more likely to injure yourself, too. This will end eventually & you'll be an architect & able to take class any night you want! {hopefully!}


I have a dumb whine. I'm getting burnt out on ballet. I get lots of attention in class but I feel like my teacher is aggravated that I can't apply corrections as quickly as she can give them, which makes me not want to try to apply them. I work for a living so I want dance to be a fun activity but it ceases to be fun when my teacher is frustrated with me and only mentions my many ballet sins and nothing good that I do (I'm sure I do many more things wrong than right but anyway). This particular teacher also gives very similar tendu & grand plie combinations every week (I've been taking class from her about 1 year) & I'm bored with them. We also do the same port des bras each week with the grand plies. My teachers last year when I lived somewhere else gave different combinations each week, I guess that spoiled me.


I may take a month off from ballet & try modern & jazz (which I have danced in the past).

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me too! I took a lot of jazz as a kid (in the 80s---when "jazz" classes were much more musical theatre and/or broadway based than they seem to be now. I wish I had more formal modern training. At the stage I'm at... It would be helpful.


I just started rehearsing for a performance in April. I'm a "slow" learner when it comes to choreography, which makes no sense to me since I am able to pick up "tricky" combos in ballet class quite easily. Some kind of mental block....


Not only am I slow learning choreography...the piece I am working on is very contemporary/modern in movement style. Different for me. We just had our first rehearsal, and I feel like I should be able to "pick up" faster. I know I'm better than I used to be, but I still feel slow compared to others.


I'm happy that I was picked to be in this piece, and I'm honored the choreographer thought I'd be a good addition to his company, but I'm still a bit frustrated that I don't learn faster.


I won't show my frustration...doing my best to be work well with the other dancers, ask for help, really "dance" the passages I picked up on etc...just wanted to vent. Yay, buddy board:)

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Sounds like a great opportunity for you! Merde!


I'll get to go to my first modern class next week!

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Wow, looks like i'm in good company... best of luck and speedy recoveries to one and all!


I have 2 whines...


1. I jammed my 1st MTP (joint at the base of the big toe) really badly 8 weeks ago. My GP did not think the injury was anything too terrible a grade 2-3 sprain or avulsion fracture... plain films were negative so he told me to go ahead and dance, just take it easy, do what I could. 8 weeks and I still cannot bear weight on the joint properly... constantly in pain, hurts to walk, pill-popping in order to be able to releve and even pointe my foot fully. Compensating for the pain by changing my gait has caused all sorts of other aches and pains in my back and legs. I will see an orthopedic doc in 4 weeks but that's so far away! My teachers all think I am not trying hard enough. One has threatened to send me back to regular adult classes (honestly, I wouldn't mind that so much- they were far more fun and they gave me really solid foundations, plus I wasn't always stressed out over memorizing this or that variation). I am taking class with the pre-pros and apprentices now and even though I am too old to go pro (24) and it is recreational for me, I get pushed because I often have to understudy and perform in the corps for some of the company's larger productions. Frustrated...


2. I have had quite a few body image issues, as some of you will recall. I dealt with them through counselling and was doing quite well until recently, and now feel awful about several physical aspects of my body. I will refrain from saying any more, but again, I am frustrated... just when I thought I had made so much progress! I'm really struggling. *sigh*

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