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How do I tell someone?


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so, theres this girl in my ballet class, who is a good dancer, but smells kind of, okay really bad. like it fills the room when shes there.

not to be rude, but i have to hold my breath when dancing next to her. ( :thumbsup: )


what should i do?

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Try speaking with your teacher! :thumbsup:

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After class is probably the best time. Bear in mind that body odor may be coming from many sources and not just poor hygiene. I remember dancing with one girl who smelled like an iron foundry, and it turned out that her system wasn't assimilating a whole bunch of minerals, so it wasn't from want of cleanliness. Take her aside, and give her a small bottle/can/other of a deodorant you find works for you. Do it quietly.

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No, that would be incredibly rude and hurtful.


Better to befriend first, then try to help.

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Personally,I have a friend who can't wear perfumed products because they make her feel like she's suffocating. She does have a problem with body odor, but it's not her fault. She gets picked on of course, but the thing is, you have to be careful not to hurt her feelings over it. I have talked to my friend and that's how I found out about the fact that she can't wear or wash in perfumed products. Good luck with your new friend!


(P.S. I know from experience, but when you are around her, you can get used to the smell and it won't be a problem!!)

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