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The Richmond adult dance camp web site has been updated for 2008, and I sent my application in this morning.


I'm not sure which forum to put this into, but unless we get into technique discussions I'm guessing this is the one. The main point it to note that Heidi is taking applications now :D


I went last year, and it was inspiring enough for me to more than double my class load - not that I expect to rise above the lowest level, but I might be closer to the middle than the bottom this year :P

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Hi: Have a blast.

It is starting to look more and more like I won't be ready this summer. It is bumming me out.

I think I had too much time off through the fall with an injury. I am not up to two or three classes a week yet. I am slowly adding things back and I have started a new pilates class to help, but I think my technique won't be up to the lower level yet. If I could wait until May to decide, maybe. :P



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I'd love to go....but I really don't know what sort of level dancer you need to be to be able to go. That scares me.


That, and my husband is supposed to come home on leave this summer....we just don't know when. I'd hate to have the two intermix.

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I know I don't post very much but I was at the first August session last year and I am intending to attend the same session this year! I haven't sent in my papers yet because I go with my friend and I want to confirm with her first since we stayed with her friends last year and they might be going away this summer. If that's the case, we might switch to the second August session since it doesn't interfere with our jobs this year but we are aiming for the first August session so we are with the same crew as last year!!


I am SO excited!!! :D

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Unfortunately Richmond's timing doesn't quite fit with my plans for this year. Hopefully I'll be able to go back in 2009.


Oh how I would love to take classes with Heidi, Danile, Kathy, Pedro (yes believe it or not it was "fun" in a way), Randall and Brendan again.



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We are still doing the math for complete projected costs before a decision is made.

I looked at flights for general costs and took a peek at the travelocity package where you book your hotel with the flight. That is a big fat No way. We must be getting quite a discount from regular hotel prices by booking with the campers.

I wanted to drive but it looks like just a bit long to go that way and the hubby would miss my SUV. We share it unless it is good weather and he feels like taking out his motorcycle or our 1965 Chevy that isn't quite done being restored yet.

I figure if we can swing it financially, I will find a way to get in shape enough to enjoy it when the time comes.

Getting excited.

Send out those good thoughts for hubby generosity.



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What is the URL? Can't find it!



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Thanks! (no wonder I couldn't find it)



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I am sending in my application tomorrow. Yeah.

It will be a trick to get ready in time but there is nothing like a goal.




Anybody else attending???? It seems like more people would have chimed in by now???

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