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Our dd is trying to decide between SFB and HB but a lot still depends on what program ABT accepts her to (if they accept her at all) and if there are any scholarship offers from ABT. We won't hear back from them for a few days. Her audition was saturday so :D

We do know one thing. If they give her NY again she won't be going there. My husband has a real problem with ABT not providing a safe housing environment for their SI students. I hear the training is great in NY but I tend to agree with him on that one. I suppose we are a bit over protective but we don't believe she will suffer any setbacks from attending SFB and/or HB. What do you think?

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The training at both SFB and HB is excellent.

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I am the originator of this thread.... and now I'm back.... like a bad penny.


I would like to go back to the original situation that prompted me to post. I am thinking I should change my screen name to "Clueless" because that pretty much describes my state before I came to this board. At least in terms of my knowledge of helping someone prepare for a life in dance. I had not seriously considered an SI both because of finances and the fact that my daughter had a minor medical condition that made it feel more comfortable for her to be at home. Happy to say, she is pretty much past that now. But because both my DD and I have been very happy with the school, it kind of feels like I've been living in lala land... and it was only the necessity to look ahead to what comes after high school that got the fog to clear abit...


Ms. Leigh, I took your advice to heart and looked at the audition schedules. We were right at the tale end of things. Then I encountered resistance from a surprising source - my own DD.


DD was promoted to company (small regional company) in December and we had sat down with our AD in early Jan. (see first post for description of conversation). I felt, and still do feel, it was a very helpful conversation. Then I found this board.... and well, lets just say I've learned a lot in a month.


But DD is closer to the company rumor mill than I am, and it turns out that there has been a "reaction" when some of the other now company members decided to do a program elsewhere. Somewhat different than what Aisadora described was going on in her school. Some felt they were "relegated to the back line" for a while after their return. Who's to say? that could be just a sour grapes reaction. When we were first at this school, one of the seniors had done at least 2 Si's , w/o repercussion, and went on to a major company. I don't really know what is going on, but if there have been negative reactions since then, I suspect it may come from the AD's concern about "talent drain" away from our area. She was pretty pointed in our conversation about how much she would like to see my DD stay on.....again, I refer to my first post.


DD is loving life right now, has gotten great roles and along with the roles extra coaching, and doesn't want to do anything to upset that applecart. I have to work full time, (In addition to dance tuition and shoes, have a son in college....NOT on scholarship...), so DD is attending public high school. Her plate is very full, lots of late nights after dance classes.... Sundays she sleeps til about 1 pm and then does homework the rest of the day. She is very committed and doing well on both fronts, does not mind the sacrifices she is making. (She recently blew off a school dance because she had a performance the next day and wanted to be well rested for that.) I just didn't want to add more stress so we dropped the subject.


Untill tonight. Another dancer had looked into 1 to 2 week programs that fell outside our summer program. they missed the audition because of a family emergency so that is gone by the wayside this year for them. But, both DD and I are thinking this may be a good alternative, at least for her first venture away from her school. I know we have missed the official audition tour for that specific program, but I think I have seen mention of other programs where we could still submit a video or perhaps even travel to that school for an evaluation. I began scouring the board today...


I would very much appreciate your collective ideas and input!

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