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I want to Leave . . . but how can I tell my Teacher?


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I've been at the same dancing school for years and years and years but a couple of years ago our class was divided and our teacher moved half of the class up a grade and left half the class on the same grade.


My teacher chose half the people do do their Grade 4 (I wasn't one of them) and left half the people to do it "supposedly next term"

We still haven't done the exam and it's been almost two years. The other half of the class (who she moved up) are doing their grade 5 in May!


Since she halved us, she's not cared about us and hasn't really taught us much.


And then . . . she chose her FAVOURITE people out of the other half of the class to get extra-special training.

I asked if there was any possibility I could join, because I love dancing and am considering it as a carrer option, and she said I could join when there was space. 2 new people joined the coaching class a few weeks later so my mum went and asked why I wasn't being allowed to join the coaching class. She said I didn't have "classical ballet shape" . Since then I've lost all my puppy fat (I'm 13 now) and have slimmed down a little through a healthier diet. I've tried everything but it's too late . . . I'm stuck in a class full of terrible dancers who just chat and don't try.


I know I'm not a bad dancer :ermm: because at my other dancing, I'm a favourite and always get good roles.


I really want to leave now as my teacher is just destroying my confidence, teaching me nothing and being negative.


The only thing is . . . . how do I tell her I want to move to another Dance School . . . . I don't think I can face telling her the truth :devil:


Any help or suggestions appreciated

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When you feel that the time has come to move on, then it is only common courtesy to tell your teacher, especially if it is someone you have been with for a long time. There is no easy way, and you just have to bite the bullet and tell her. You are under no obligation to tell her why, however, it might be good to do that too, but do it in as nice a way and as positive a way as is possible under the circumstances. It might be good if you have found a new school first, and one that has accepted you at a good level and offers more classes in ballet, or at least classes with more serious students. Then, you can tell your current teacher that this is what you are going to do and why. Try very hard not to get emotional. Stay factual, and do express your appreciation for all that she has taught you over the years.

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I have to agree, and it's a situation in which you may find yourself several times in the course of a working life. You don't like your job, then leave. But it is infinitely easier to jump when you are sure of the place you'll land. Have that place in another school, and in a vocational track already in hand, then you can feel more confident about leaving, and it will probably make the telling easier. It IS difficult, I know, but you can do it.

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I have got another school in mind and I am going to talk with the teacher soon :yes: Thank- you for your advice - it was really helpful.

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