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Your opinions on my (possibly) ridiculous dreams...

Natalie M

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Hi everyone, I just want your opinions on whether or not I am too old for this. Although I of course know that you can never be too old to start ballet and people get en pointe in their 50's, here's my thing: I have a lot of dance experience (hip-hop, jazz, musical theatre, cheerleading and dance team) however, no formal ballet training since age 6 or 7. Through cheerleading and dance team I have remained very flexible and strong, and I also have more recently self-taught myself alot of ballet basics (ballet for dummies, embarrassingly enough) because I cannot afford ballet classes at this time. I can do a nice double pirouette, I have pretty good turnout, splits, grand jetes, high extension on developees, etc, etc. I will be taking formal ballet classes starting in the fall through college and I think I should be at a level three pre-pointe level by the end of my sophomore year (or during my junior year, not sure). I would hope to be starting pointe at that time, age 19. My dream, however, would to someday dance with a real company, as a corps dancer. Is this unattainable? I mean, will I be like 30 by the time I am that good? Also, I know none of you can see me dance but what level do you think I will start at? I do not know if the college ballet courses are by audition placement or your own judgement, but if they are by judgement do you think I would be level 1 or 2?


Thanks for listening to my rambling! I appreciate any and all comments :devil:

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Natalie M welcome to BT4D! One's dreams are never ridiculous! :devil: History has shown that without a dream, a clear path is difficult. Have you discussed your questions and dreams with a teacher or a mentor of some sort?


You are asking the right questions when it comes to probality. You are seeking a difficult path. :shrug: Being one who never says never (me :ermm: ) to be honest, you are facing quite a few obstacles. Generally students in your age group are beginning to look for work or a situation that may lead to employment, not hoping to begin pointe.


Seek guidance from someone who has the ability to see you and someone who you are able to trust. B)

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Thanks so much! Wow, that old thread definitely inspired me! I mean, I know that there is a great possibility that I will never dance professionally even in a small company, but I do believe in myself enough to think I maybe have a slight shot at it! And hey, I'll never know if I don't try :D


Thanks again for the advice, keep it coming guys!

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