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is it too late for me to start?


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ok so im 16 and i was wondering if it was too late to start ballet? i'm not going to make a career or anything out of it, i just want to have fun and i think that i would really enjoy it....but where do i start?

i don't want to be in a beginners class with 5 year olds though...is there some sort of class that i can start with people my own age?...or should i get single lessons by myself?....



Alex :yes:

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Hi Alex, and welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers. :yes:


Sure, look around and see what the local area offers in terms of schooling. Recreational tracking is relatively easy when the criterion is, "Are we having fun yet?" And anything worth doing is worth doing well. Quite a few students in their mid-teens, more than ever before, ditto adults 21+ are starting out fresh. You're likely to find a social set where you'll be able to feel comfortable. We have more than just a few members from the merry old land of Oz, and they might chime in with some assistance here.

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Hey! As a beginning teen dancer myself, I can give you few pointers on where to look in the right direction based on my own experiance....

A local dance school will probably offer teen beginning and intermediate/advanced classes. If not, they may offer adult classes, which if you ask you may be able to get into being 16 (then you wouldnt be with 5 year olds!) Otherwise, look at the local colleges and universities for adult classes. Some (but not all) allow older teens in these classes. Also, one of the most cost effective ways I found was looking at classes through a city parks and recreation program. If they dont have teen beginning ballet they almost always have adult. Most of these program guides are available at their website (for example, I live in Madison, WI, so I would look at http://www.mscr.org) If you are not sure what I mean by parks and rec, checkout the MSCR website, it should give you and idea. or jsut google "your city" + "parks and recreaction" THe great thing about these classes is that they rarely interfere with school or sports because they are made for working adults.


Hope I helped!

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Of course it is no to late for you to start! Many people don't start until they are adults. And you will not be put in with five year olds...I went to try a class at a reccomended balle school....My 'level' consisted of eight year olds...and yes a few five year olds. afterward, I took a class '3 levels ahead of me'.....I could do it all! Wow, I never went back there!


Try a teen or teen/adult beggining class. Good luck!

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