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My 11-year-old is struggling with gaining weight and strength...


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My dd, who is also 11, has had a few sessions on the reformer. The pilates instructor has one of the original reformers, and it is noticeably smaller than the newer models. My dd is a bit tall for her age, though - close to 4'11", so I'm sure this makes a difference. She'll be starting a series of private sessions for a bit to work on specific goals. To echo what others have recommended, this pilates instructor is a former professional ballet dancer, and so understands how my dd needs to work, and how to relate it to what she does in ballet class.

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LSP, I can understand, I'm 14 and I have been at a similar state as your daughter. But please, (I agree with Victoria Leigh) let her relax, and yourself. It's the best thing. She's still young, long limbs and everything (trust me, I'm lean and long limbed too) it will take a little while longer for her to grow into her body. Especially at eleven, she's much too young to worry about it, and it will take some time to get her strength. But it sounds like she's determined and if she keeps up the persistence, she will get stronger. :cool2:


p.s. sorry it's parents of dancers under 13, I just thought I would throw in my two cents because I have complete understanding.

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xrinaboofx, I'm sorry, but this forum is for parents only! Very kind words, but just remember to check what forum things are on before you respond!

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Little Sugar Plum, I'm very concerned for *any* person who "struggles with fatigue," and, independantly, works out hard enough to make herself sick, but particularly when we're talking about a child. While noting that you also say she is "healthy," I urge you in the strongest terms to make sure she sees a pediatrician *and* that you share this specific information. If she wants to be a dancer, it is imperative that she learn how to take care of herself, body and soul. This caretaking includes appropriate food, plenty of sleep, and patience, as well as seeking medical input when warranted.

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