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National High School Dance Festival-


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Has your high school student attended this?

If so, will you please share details of their experience?

I have an 8th grader, and we arein the midst of preparing for high school, which is ALL about preparing foe college.

This Dance Festival , hosted by University of the Arts looks like a" not to miss" opportunity.

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If you have attended this, will you please share some info with us?

We are preparing for high school, and I found this while doing some college research.

I love BTfD - it's such a good resource for jumping off points!

Thank -you!

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I attended the year that I went to Virginia School of the Arts, and it was held in Miami. Individuals don't go, you go as a group from your school. The majority of people were affiliated with performing arts high schools, however. I also believe that Nashville Ballet takes a group from their school.


It's a great opportunity. You get to take lots of master classes, see a lot of different teachers, meet a lot of dancers. It's great for networking. Juniors and seniors had the opportunity to take a scholarship class where they could be awarded scholarships to colleges, summer programs, or even sometimes trainee/apprentice offers from companies. There are also performances and most schools take at least one piece. There is also one night of adjudicated student choreography.


It's been about 2 years now since I've been, so perhaps someone has more detailed newer information?

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it is in philly this year!!! my high school's company is attending. i have never been before but it sounds like an amazing opportunity. you get to choose from like 50 classes and then you get to see performances and perform yourself

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Has anyone been to this more recently? My daughter is going with her school this year to Philadelphia and I would like to hear from anyone else who has attended in the past, but not too distant past. What were the classes like? What were the scholarship auditions like? Is it true it is mostly performing arts high schools that attend? I am curious to hear from other serious ballet students what they thought they got out of it.

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