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Guest Chrysocolla

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Guest Chrysocolla

Does anyone know of good places to take open classes or non-audition intensives this summer in Chicago? I'm going to be there for a class (not ballet) but I am in High School and I would like to attend as many ballet classes as I can while I am there.


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Lou Conte offers open classes to dancers 14+. They are the home studio for Hubbard Street. We haven't made it there yet but they have been recommended to us as a good resource and one of DD favorite teachers has also been on staff there (not sure if she's still there - she's been spending a great deal of time with us lately). Here's the website:



I don't know how easily accessible they are. The studio is a bit outside the immediate downtown area.

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Depending on where in Chicago you're staying, the Hyde Park School of Dance (formerly the Hyde Park School of Ballet), offers both evening classes, and a series of one-week intensives (no auditions) with guest faculty: Pierre Lockett of the Joffrey, Melissa Thodos, of Thodos Dance, and Gary Abbott of Deeply Rooted, among others.


It's located near (really, on) the University of Chicago campus, and is easily accessible by train from downtown Chicago.


Their website is:


Hyde Park School of Dance

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Ruth Page has classes in the summer that you can drop in for--call ahead and give them an idea of your level and they will suggest a class to take--the teacher will then place you in the best level for you. They are extremely nice about it. They have daily ballet and pointe classes in the summer, as well as what they call "intensives' but are usually two week workshops that run concurrently with their regular classes and you sign up for the intensives in addition to the classes. They are not always ballet--I think this summer they are having musical theater. There is no audition for these. Here's the website. http://www.ruthpage.org/ They are located in the near north area--just west of the Magnificent Mile. Hubbard Street has already been mentioned. If you know what neighborhood you will be in, I can be more specific--a lot of suburban schools have summer offerings--for example if your classes are at Northwestern, that's in Evanston, and there are schools there--although Ruth Page is very convenient to Evanston by public transportation.

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Check out Ballet Chicago, www.balletchicago.org


Ballet Chgo is located in the heart of downtown and very accessible to public transportation.


Even after a long day of ballet classes, many of the SI dancers opt for taking the adult evening classes, 7-8:30pm. I believe it's $14 class, Tues thru Thurs.

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Actually nothing other than what is on their website. My daughter has taken classes from two of the ballet faculty members they list on their website--many teachers in this area teach at several locations, who are both excellent teachers; now that you've called it to our attention it looks like a good place for a field trip--especially since they have such a variety and offer class seven days a week. Thanks for bringing it up; be sure to report back on your experience!



Also close to downtown is http://www.rastballet.com/. Natalie is a very enjoyable teacher, although her offerings are limited some of her classes might work for you.

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Natalie Rast teaches at my college, but I've never taken her class.


Jeff Hancock teaches jazz at Lou Conte and is also one of my ballet/jazz teachers at school, I adore his classes, I'm not sure if you are interested in jazz as well, but his jazz style is very ballet-technique-driven, if that makes any sense.

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Hubbard Street would be great but it is age restricted and the Chicago audition was last month.


DD was too young but will be keeping her eye on this program for the future. Their dancers have strong ballet roots.

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Hello - May I ask which ballet schools you considered? I'm an adult beginner and probably am unfamiliar with all the options available here in Chicago. I've looked at Joffrey and Chicago Ballet. Both are on State Street. Due to scheduling, I'm leaning towards Chicago Ballet.


Perhaps we'll be in the same class.

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hey robert! I'm also a beginning ballet student in chicago so I can help you out with other schools you might not have known about/looked into!


places that I've looked into and think are worthwhile to check out are: visceral dance, intrigue, rast ballet, and the old town school of folk music.


let me know if you want more information! good luck finding a class that fits your needs and schedule :innocent:

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I just replied to your topic and then saw this, hah!


well, I listed the schools I've looked into on your thread so no need to repeat them but I will add that I've personally had experience with the Old Town of Folk Music beginner's class. it's very basic and great if you're nervous about starting ballet. It's more of a recreational class and when I was in it there were a lot of adult students who had danced when they were very young and missed it.


I'm considering either taking that class again or taking class at Intrigue (which is on Michigan Ave downtown so that one might appeal to you more due to location? Old Town is in Lincoln Park, I believe [not 100% sure on my chicago neighborhoods, lol]) I'm just waiting for them to update their schedule to decide where I will take class.

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This is a total guess, but since you mentioned a swim meet perhaps you are familiar with Hyde Park, home of the University of Chicago (which hosted a Masters' swim meet this weekend).


Hyde Park School of Dance has two adult classes each week, one on Monday (appropriate for total beginners) and one on Tuesday (appropriate for those who have had some ballet training). There are currently two men taking the Monday class, so you would not be alone.

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