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Joffrey offers classes for adults. I don't know much about them, but I have seen details on their website. DD is a trainee there, and has taken a few as extra classes. Some are taught by company members.

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There used to be a very committed core of older, recreational dancers who took the adult intermediate ballet and jazz courses at Ruth Page. Some were former dancers, others just adults looking to stay in shape. Might be worth a look.

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Ballet Chicago's Open Division is great for adults. It is only a block away from Joffrey on State Street, but is quite different in feel. The classes are about ten people and are filled with students in their 20s, 30s, 40s. I'm an adult beginner and have enjoyed the classes.

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When my daughter was healing from her injury, she took floor barre classes at Giordanos in Evanston. They are moving to a new location in Andersonville near Joel Hall in a week or so. It was a very diverse crowd ranging from professional dancers and teachers to a man who appeared to be in his 80's and had a hard time getting up the steps. She felt that it was a good workout and will try to attend again on her off days. Depending on the teacher, your experience will vary but it appears there is much to try. http://www.giordanodanceschool.com/Giordan...chool/Home.html

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For RobynC:

I have taken only a few cases at Ruth Page, but would agree that you might like it. Also, the location will be very convenient to Chestnut St.

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"Does anyone know about Joel Hall's classes?"


My daughter took a ballet class there last night. Her studio is closed for break and she is trying to stay in shape for her summer intensive. She really enjoyed the class and the teacher was very kind and very very experienced. The studio is very different from what we are used to. It is at street level on a very busy street and extremely multi-cultural and filled with men and women. There were several classes taking place at the same time and there appears to be a very big jazz presence. There was a lot of activity and we LOVED the feel of the studio. I came back to pick her up and watched the last few minutes of the class. Everyone was working very hard. The teacher came out with her and told me she was a wonderful surprise and she was welcome to come and take her class anytime. Best of all, the student class charge was 10 dollars! The easiest way to get there from downtown is to take the Clark Street bus #22 to 5900 north. It will take a while and the el is faster but the first time it's easiest. Good luck!

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So what is everyone doing for the upcoming semester in Chicago?


I am also surprised to hear the negative reveiws of Joffrey. I've taken both basic and beginning ballet classes, as well as intermediate tap in their adult open program. I've found the instructors (Ballet-Natalie, Kim, Tap-Phil) to be very good and very helpful in improving technique. Everyone there is very curtious -teachers, staff, parents, students. I would recommend these classes to anyone. If you are a new beginner, make sure to start in the Basic class. I have the best time learning at Joffrey!


For this semester I am thinking of taking 3 ballet and 1 tap class. I will probably try Ballet Chicago beginner classes as the days/times fit better with my schedule. I will do one ballet and one tap at Joffrey on the weekends. Or I might just do all Joffrey...can't decide!!

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I've been taking modern, jazz, and ballet at Lou Conte (Hubbard St) this summer... so I'll likely continue in the fall but I'm also hoping to add in some classes at Giordano's (since they moved into the city) and Joel Hall. I might also take class at Joffrey. Really, I'll take class anywhere that fits my work schedule! :pinch:

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How do you like Lou Conte? I've heard mixed reviews. I think most of the negatives I've heard have to do with the class size and plethora of Roosevelt students just there to complete their PE credits....not necessarily the instruction. They seem to have a lot of classes and a variety of levels.

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