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Hermitage Gala Ballet Concert is coming to town!


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Featuring the Russian Stars from the St. Petersburg Ballet!!

Can't wait to see tonights performance!

Do any of the moderators know anybody invoved in this?

How Lucky we are!

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Nothing specific.


Remember, "Petersburg" doesn't automatically mean Kirov/Maryinsky any more. There are a few companies, some of relatively long (since 1989) experience, and some of more recent vintage that come from that Great City.


Tell us about the show, and some names, so that we can identify the organization.

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Is there a link that tells you which dancers will be dancing?


We'll see what vrsfanatic & Hans have to say. They are more familiar with Russian ballet companies then I am.


In any event, please let us know what your impressions were after the show!! :thumbsup:

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Yes, please let us know about this company as there have been many changes since my wonderful adventures in the great city of St. Petersburg! :thumbsup:

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Just Googling around, I think this is Korolkov's company, not the Gusev/Jacobsen/Petukhov group. It headlines Irma Nioradze. So, not exactly just another pickup company.

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The following is a link to SPBT website. They are making an official statement that they are not the company that is touring in the us.




Follow the link and click on :






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They are coming to my hometown, and I have my ticket in hand. :thumbsup: Here's another link that I found, and the links on the left side of their webpage page list the performers. I think this may be the same link Mel mentions finding.



Hermitage Ballet

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Thanks for the link Balletmom. Maryland is not on the list of southern states they are visiting :thumbsup:


Let us know your thoughts on the show.

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Wow! The performance was breathtaking!

The lifts, especially, took our breath away. If this performance comes to your town,go see it!

Yes, Victor Korolkov is the Artistic director.


Swan Lake White Adagio, Pas de Deux, Black Swan, Sleeping Beauty , Gisselle, Don Quixote, Corsair, Grand Pas: Paquita, Duet of Esmeralda and Gringoire, , Diana and Acteon, and The Dying Swan.

The finale was done to a "disco classical ballet mix"- a very lighthearted finish to an incredible performance.

Here is a list of the principal dancers:Irenna Perren, Elena Kotsubira. Anastasia Kolegova. margarita Demjanok, Tatiana Tkachenko,Marat Shemunov, AlexyAvechkin,Yuri Andreev, Mikhail Venshchikov, Sergey Popov.

It was a good oportunity to see several male dancers in one performance- they were as beautiful as the


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Glad you enjoyed it!!! :shrug: Thanks for the report! :thumbsup:

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I saw them a few days ago, and was very impressed. The dancers, even the principal dancers, seemed very young, but the dancing was overall very beautiful! Plus the ballerinas all had such gorgeous feet, legs, and extensions. Probably my favorite pieces were the Adagio from Giselle and Fokin's Dying Swan. Beautiful! The evening did seem to me to start out a little slow, but there may have been some fatigue on the dancer's part because of the killer travelling schedule they have. They have also been doing a lot of outreach it seems, as one of the ballerinas had visited and demonstrated for a women's correctional facility earlier in the day, and they had offered a master class that morning (free of charge) for anyone in the community who had wanted to attend.


The disappointing thing was the small size of the audience -- probably well less than a thousand people attended. The charming host (Mr. Donnelly?) said that they have dreams of returning each year for at least ten years even if only 50 people show up, but hopefully word will get around and the audiences will grow. Many in the audience seemed new to ballet, which is encouraging. I was speaking to the woman in front of me during intermission and her only previous attendance at a dance performance was to one of the Lords of the Dance shows. But she and everyone else I saw there really seemed to enjoy it, so maybe I can be excused for a little wishful thinking here that maybe ballet has gained a few new fans. :D

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Let's hope that ballet has gained a few more fans, Balletmom! :wacko:

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