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tutu gurl

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I dont know why but lately i noticed how my friends are making more and more jokes about how skinny i am. Its not just my close friends either some kids at my public school are doing it too. I guess because of my ballet training my muscles are leaner but i eat just as much as they do and keep it down. Its really starting to bother me because thats all i hear anymore. Even in my english class in school we were doing this worksheet that you come up with a negative word for a normal word but the words have the same definition. The word was slender and one of my friends answered anorexic and then stared right at me. I dont know if i should let this bother me but it really does. I just need some advice from anyone that is mistaken to be skinny for the wrong reason. Im just really tired of it...

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tutu gurl have you tried discussing this with a teacher (at school), an adult family member or a guidance official? Have you told your friends how their negative comments hurt you? If you have done all of these things and it does not stop then ask an adult family member to speak with an official in your school. Name calling is not acceptable behavior in the school system any longer.

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That exercise sounds good for teaching the difference between denotation (the formal meaning) and connotation (the suggested secondary meaning) among synonyms. However, I hope your friend (God save me from such friends) didn't get full credit for that answer. Anorexia can be found in people who aren't slender at all, and it's a formal medical diagnosis, so not a great choice as a synonym except in very narrow circumstances. "Ectomorphic" might be fully acceptable in this example.

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Thank you for the fast replies... I think im going to try and talk to my friends first and let them know how much their words hurt. I have a feeling this isnt going to be easy ):

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I'm certainly no great example of this myself, as sometimes I can lose my cool, but when correcting others, especially face-to-face, they have to be assured that it's in a loving fashion, without hard feelings, and intended to make life easier for THEM! I'd suggest talking it out one-on-one over a soda, or something like fast food, to make them see that you're not eating strangely, but just like everybody else. Sounds like a great way to make friends with your local Burger King or somebody! :) Keep it conversational, start with some other subject, then when the central matter is talked over (keep your cool), quick cut to how funny Mr. Doe looked in science class the other day. I mean, WHO dresses like that? See what I mean?

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I'm not sure if I should be permitted to say anything here, but I think that saying someone is "anorexic" in a mean way is just as rude as saying someone is "fat"! It's also not really friendly for them to talk about eating disorders like that so lightly. I wish you the best of luck in this process!! :)

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Sarah, please check the dates...there have been no responses to this topic for over 5 years!

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