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I'm looking for all of the advice and ideas you have.


I live in a tiny town where all the studios is a classic example of Dolly Dinkle's finest. I moved here 2 and a half years ago, and have been struggling at the best Dolly Dinkle of the bunch. I've managed to keep my spirits up for the time I've been living here, but I know that my technique has greatly diminished. I've gone to 2 SI's that I've loved, and my parents realize that this town isn't working so next year I will be heading into a pre-pro residency. But the problems at my studio that I was overlooking have now begun to push me out of this studio. Now I'm stuck, because all of the other Dolly Dinkles have even worse studios than the one I used to go to.

I am just looking for a way to keep dancing and maybe possibly improve from now to the time I go to my SI.

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dancazrok you do have a dilemna on your hands indeed, but since you seem to be implying that you have been accepted into a residency program already (no need to say which one), at least you do have a secure place for the summer/year? If you must take class in a school you find less than perfect, be focused on your goal to the summer and your future. Please show respect for your new teachers and always be polite. :)


DanaD, please observe the polite edicate of not responding to a post on any YDs forum without first "hearing" from a Moderator! :yes:

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I have been accepted to the residency I'm heading to next year. I also have a full scholarship to a small summer program (it's not well known for producing great dancers, but how can I turn down a free 5-week program? :shrug: ). So I am hoping to keep my technique up until then, because I have many options opening up in the summer. Right now, there are only 2 teachers at my studio. One, whom I love, only teaches twice a week. The other, who has had some... disagreements with my parents, isn't very reliable as a teacher (she has also been known to teach ballet technique incorrectly in the past). I take all of the first teachers classes and have a private with her one day a week. However, that's only three days a week, and I am 15, so I know I need more to stay in shape and improve. I guess that's where my dilemna is. I don't have enough classes to make any improvements. Any ideas? :P

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Ok, here's an idea. NCDT isn't too far away from where I live. It's not within driving distance of everyday for class, but it's close enough for a day trip. Maybe I could try to switch into a residency before this summer? Or is that even a possibility?

Well, I guess it depends on the school, but that option would certainly brighten my situation! :shrug:

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Switching into a residency in February/March is up to your parents, you and the residency. :P You really do need to speak with your parents and the residency program. Anything else we might say is a guess. :shrug:

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