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RAD Major Examination hair


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Hi all:


I was wondering if bangs should be removed from the face for RAD vocational syllabus exams (in which case I will have to grow them out a bit so that they can be easily pinned back and gelled). Thank you for your information!


Eun Hee

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My dd did pre-primary thru advanced 2, which is 10 grade exams and 4 major exams. The RAD exam process does have alot of "Pomp and Circumstance" and appearance is highly regarded. At our studio a candidate would not be allowed to exam with bangs down. I would definately slick and pin those bangs back.



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At my studio, they are also very strict about hair (and all other aspects of your appearance) for RAD exams. I don't know if not following the 'guidelines' would result in being penalised, but who wants to risk it? Plus you will probably dance better knowing that you look like a ballerina.

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