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Our school participates in SERBA. I know they do well there, they are Honor company. I don't even know what that means.


So I understand that if your DD is cast in a piece that is adjudicated, then your DD needs to go to SERBA to perform. But there are also classes there, right? Can you go to take the classes?


I just would really like any feedback at all about what this all is. Thanks.

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I'm sure someone at your company would be willing to discuss things with you about SERBA. There are differences in each region and within each company for how things are done and who/what level of students go. It is not for the entire school but for members of the student company that may be attached to your school.


In most companies, students must be a certain level within the company to go to SERBA. In larger companies, that may mean just Senior company members go. In smaller companies, some younger company members get to go. RDA has a minimum age that students can perform, I think it's 14 in SERBA but am not 100% sure.


An Honor company in the Southeast region is one who has had pieces picked as Gala pieces for a specific number of years. So you earn the distinction of being a Honor company because you have had pieces picked for Gala quite regularly.


There are quite a few threads here about SERBA and RDA.

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I too would suggest you ask the artistic staff of the company attached to your school about participation in a SERBA festival. As Momof3darlings stated, all regions (there are 5) have different rules on who can participate in festival classes.


You can also get an idea of what RDA is all about by going to their website:


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