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Hey guys! I recently came along this capezio website that sells the leotards that didn’t sell in the store. It’s an outlet. You can get a "grab-bag" which includes three capezio leotards; you specify your size, for just $10 plus shipping and handling. I just bought two grab bags and another nice cami pinched leotard, all for $25 plus S&H! It's www.dancefactoryoutlet.com


I'm not sure where I am supposed to post this or if I am aloud to, so please delete if you have to. I just thought everyone would like to know about this; especially before summer intensives!!


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Im soooo sad they dont ship to england, i wouldnt have even minded paying excess postage because that was a really good deal, i payed triple that for my last capezio leotard (just one!) :thumbsup: oh well....... such a shame...

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wow! i should have gone to that website instead of the boutique when i did ballet at school!!!! it was sooooooo expensive!!!!!

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Hey Abt3Royal79! I was wondering where you found the "grab bag" deal? I was looking on the website and found several great deals. I also looked under the promotions section of the site but couldn't locate what you were refering to in your post. Thanks :devil:

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