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Dancing again and doing some ballet sewing!!


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I will be going to my second ballet class since long tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it so much. I haven't found the energy yet to work out at home, but I'm hoping to be able to soon. Dancing makes me so incredibly happy, so I'm glad to be back. I really hate not having any strength and not having the energy to do something about it though. I feel like a lost almost everything I could once do and I have no clue how fast it will come back. I'm not even the flexible gumby I used to be anymore. It wasn't even sure I was going to be able to go to class tomorrow. I bumped my knee into a piece of metal rather hard just below my kneecap last week. It was terribly swollen, painful and stiff for a couple of days, but now it's just a huge bruise and slightly stiff. Good enough for me :clapping:


I've actually decided to make myself a new leotard. Money is tight and I'd rather spend in on class than on a leotard, but I do need one. The studio I go to now is VERY cold so I'm in need of a long sleeved leotard. I'm making one myself, I had the fabric lying around anyway and a friend is sending me some rubber elastic I need. I've sewn plenty of things, though never a leotard. I'm hoping it will be a succesfull project. If it is, I'll let you know, and you can get the orders coming :D


I just love being back!!

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And think what you can learn! :clapping: Today, leotards, tomorrow, tutus! This is just the sort of boost you need! :D

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I would just love to learn how to make tutus. Only there's very little demand for it here, with just one prepro school and one company in the country. And supplies would be a problem as well, I can't even get the elastic I need for a leotard in Belgium, I have to get it in the Netherlands.


I had the most wonderful class today. Technique was very easy, and I already started longing for a faster paced class. And I got a beautiful compliment from the teacher. She said, though I've lost all of that strength, I still have the beautiful feeling of a true ballet dancer in my port the bras and épaulement. I have to say that has always been my strongest point. I'm glad to hear I still have it :D

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Now look at that! :) Sometimes, when you take a step backward, it leads to taking two steps forward! Gain strength in the easier class, then, when your teacher says that you're ready, begin the more advanced ones. As to tutus, the EU makes it far easier to become an international ballet costumer than it used to be. Something to think about for down the line! :thumbsup:

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Now look at that! :) As to tutus, the EU makes it far easier to become an international ballet costumer than it used to be. Something to think about for down the line! :thumbsup:


That is very true, but I have to learn it somewhere of course. I taught myself how to sew, even the difficult things, but I haven't got a clue on how to get started on a tutu. I've thought of contacting the costume department of the Royal Ballet of Flanders, or a Dutch ballet. Maybe they are in need of a new costumer somewhere :thumbsup: .

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You never know! I think you're getting back on the right track now, and that's a good thing! :wink:

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Just great. My cat ate the only leotard I had left. No way I can get the new one finished by next class. And I'm really making that one because I need an extra one if I want to dance more than once a week, not to replace one.


I got started so well, and now I don't even have a leotard left to wear to class. :thumbsup:

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Marjolein, I'm in a similar predicament for a different reason... my leos don't fit so comfortably at the moment. Is there a way that you could go in close-fitting sports clothing and explain to the teacher?


Meanwhile.... I wonder what the cat thought of it! :thumbsup:

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Bad kitty!!! :cat::devil: Is your cat related to my cat? (You probably weren't able to see my recent post on the parent-teacher board about how one of my cats threw up on my DD's pointe shoe bag.)


These are the times that will try you. :thumbsup: Do whatever gets you past it: swear at the kitty, laugh out loud, go for a long walk, see a movie. Then try to move on.


Will your teacher let you wear something else, if you explain your circumstances?


(oops... I was composing when Ami1436 posted)

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Don't really have close fitting sports clothing :thumbsup: I never ever do anything but dancing and swimming for exercise.


My cat tends to chew everything soft. He also ruined my only gloves and a beautiful sweater I knit for my nephew. Maybe I can close up the holes he made. Seems like all of my things are mended at the moment :devil: It will look horrible though, mending big holes in that kind of fabric is hard.

I should know better than leaving my leotard lying around, but I had been working on the pattern for my new leotard and used that leotard to compare. I then left it on the floor while sewing the trial version of the new one.

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Do you have a one-piece swimsuit that you could use? Or someone who might lend you a leotard for a short while? Or a camisole that you could wear over the leotard?


I'd offer to lend/give you one of mine (especially as I can't use them at the moment with my stupid ankle issues, so someone might as well use them!), but I think it wouldn't get there in time, and also, I have the world's shortest torso....and am very short in general..... hmmmm............................... Do you happen to be short with a short torso?

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Average height, very short torso. I have to shorten all of the patterns I use for jackets, tops and such. I make all of my clothes, and I now finally have things that are short enough :thumbsup: I had to shorten the leotard pattern 5 cm.


I only have a bikini, and I'm not wearing that for ballet :devil: . The leotard is a short sleeved one, so wearing a camisole over it, would be a bit odd, but I could do that when there's no other way. I'm going to try mending, and otherwise try to get my new one finished in time. I'm waiting for the elastic to arrive, once I have that, I can make it in an evening, just need to get an evening of time available to do it .


The new one will be gorgeous, 3/4 sleeve, dark green, and a very deep V-shaped back. And off course a perfectly fitted shelf bra. I have enough fabric left to make another short sleeved or camisole one, though no elastic, which is very hard to find in Belgium.

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I've used Kwiksew patterns for leotards & sportswear- they have a wide range of styles, sizes and come printed on heavy dury paper, not tissue paper.


If you are still after patterns in the long term, I could post some to you if they are not available in Belgium.

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I still have a leotard that I don't use. Long sleeve, velvet-thingy. It's actually quite nice and someone gave it to me, but I've only used it once, because I already sweat unbelievably sleeveless leo's......that I don't use this pretty long sleeve leo.

From what I remember, we're about the same length and I'm pretty sure this leotard should fit you.

If you mail or pm me your address, I will happy to send it to you! Please let me now (or via msn, when we're online together....ok?).



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