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Cost of ballet lessons


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Hello. I am wondering what everyone here pays for ballet lessons. The prices I have seen so far are about $13-$15 for a single class, $120-$150 for 10 sessions(dance card) and $200-$275 for 20 sessions. I think I have found a nice school to take ballet in the city. The good thing is that the classes are open so I don't have to wait until the fall to begin classes and it is a dance school and company!

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Here in Columbus, Ohio, that's about right. It may differ according to the city, but I believe even Steps prices are comparable, the last time I looked.

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I pay $90 for 10 classes at my studio - but I take with the teenagers on a regular schedule - not 'open' classes.

Tuition would be $100 a month if I paid their normal rate. Since I'm an 'adult' - they let me do this, which is nice!!


I have paid $200 for 25 classes and $200 for 20 classes at 2 other studios in the past.

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Thanks for the replies! :) I really want to do this and realize that you get what you pay for. I found a really cheap place for ballet but it didn't work out since it was more of a fun class and not serious.

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The cost at our studio is $15/class, or $110 for a class card good for 8 classes. Parents of children enrolled in the school get a price break to $85 for the class card. Faculty, staff, and students from the nearby university also get this discount.

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I think those prices are great. I used to try to take classes when I'd visit my family outside Chicago, and the going rate was $20/class! One studio was less, but was quite a drive. My visits home are now more infrequent so I haven't gone to class there for a while, but I can only imagine the costs have gone up. It's really frustrating actually! There's a similar thread here:


Cost of Drop-in Classes, 2005

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Some classes which are only one hour long cost from $13 - $17. IMHO, the fact that the class is only one hour long means that one must already be warmed up before the class. Other classes which run for one and a half hours or one and one quarter hours also cost from $13 - $17. My preference is for the ninety minute class. Adequate time is devoted to exercises, without the classt having to "rush through" or abbreviate the steps/combinations.


For me, the cost of class is measured equally by the length of the class time and the rate charged.


With those discounted rates, you just got to watch out for expiration dates, where all the classes must be taken within <nn> weeks of the first use of the card. Then again, it makes for good motivation to keep dancing in those classes.

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I have one studio where I pay $80 for 10 classes, but that is unusually cheap. At the other two studios, it's $120 for a set of 10 of $14 for a drop-in class. Conveniently, my favorite classes are at the $80 studio.

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For a *private* lesson, that's an excellent rate!


I forgot to mention that my private lessons are an hour long,so I stretch at home before I go for a lesson.

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Moderator note: Just moving this to the Adult Students Buddy Board, as it's a more appropriate forum. The Adults Ballet Student forum is mostly for technique questions.

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I'm paying $15 to $16 for a 90 minute class, depending on the studio.


One studio offers a monthly dance card which discounts the classes by a few dollars. The other studio has a card for $150. I think that brings the cost down to about $13 a class.

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