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Overturning out feet


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Lately we have had a russian teacher who although is a very good teacher is really trying to get all of us to do 180 degree turnout.

Although I technically should have 180 degree turnout as my hips are flexible in that way I don't because I still haven't developed the strength in my rotator muscles. But I have been trying to use the turnout that I still haven't got the strength for and now my knees are feeling very fragile at the sides, especially when I turn out... not good. I have been icing them, soaking them in salt, not jumping e.t.c and today they are feeling a bit better however I was wondering what other things I could do to make them better quickly as I have a ballet exam coming up next week and really wouldn't like to be doing it on my knees the way they feel now. Also I would be really happy if you have any useful exercises to improve my turnout from my hips so that it doesn't put stress on my knees.

This has never happened to me before so I am quite worried, I am also slightly confused because my knees go more to the side than many of the people at my school and I always am trying to work my turnout from my hips but they are the first ones to be hurting!

Thank you

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All respect to your teacher, but it's a bad idea to try to achieve 180° turnout and rotation all at once. Do it incrementally. "Flat turnout" is an ideal, and very very few of us can totally get there, but it's a direction. Strive for that, working the rotation from the hip, but don't force turnout so far that you roll in on your feet or twist your foreleg so that the toes are pointing in a different direction from your kneecap. You won't achieve this by next week. It will take time. But any examiner just knows from the look of you whether you're working to get there.


This situation kind of reminds me of a story about the Revolutionary War. An officer at a fort had a woman in his command who was accorded the grade of Sergeant for bravery in battle. No, she wasn't Molly Pitcher, she was another Molly, "Captain Molly" and sometimes known as "Dirty Kate" as she was "careless in her habits" as one historians put it. The officer wrote to George Washington that Mrs. Corbin had been going on account for pay and rations, but had asked him for her back ration of RUM, of which she was owed some 50 gallons by the Army. One of Washington's staff officers wrote back that he should give it to her, "But for God's sake, not all at once!" :lol:

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Ballet requires the legs to turn out in the hip socket. Turning only the feet to 180 should not, is not considered turn out at all. You seem to indicate the new teacher is not one who will be perminent. Speak with the director of the program regarding your concerns for you physical health. You most likely are not the only one who is having the pain you have described. If the school does not take an interest in your concerns, find a new school. It is no longer a good fit for you.

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Yes the new teacher is a guest teacher and my exam teacher is talking to the director about it, I feel really bad because the guest teacher is a very good teacher, besides the turnout...

Thank you for your replies

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