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feet rolling in... when they're not turned out


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i have good turnout and good feet, but even when my feet are parralel they roll in. So I think that when I roll in in class it's not becuase i'm overturning out because my feet roll in when i'm just walking. I can lift up my arches easily but when I'm doing ballet especially at the barre, i feel like when i pull up my arch, my foot isn't relaxed. Is it supposed to feel relaxed? I feel like I'm almost straining my foot to keep it from rolling in. I think that my ankles are loose and thats why my feet are rolled in naturally even when i'm just walking but i've been trying to correct that by standing more on the outside of my foot. When I'm not concentrating on keeping them from rolling in, i get a pain (only on my left foot) on the outside of my foot under my ankle. I dont know if this pain is there BECAUSE i'm rolling in or BECUASE i'm trying to keep it from rolling in.

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mapaalge, it sounds to me like you might need some special inserts for your shoes. All shoes, including ballet and pointe shoes. I would strongly suggest that you see a good Podiatrist as soon as possible. Find out the cause of the rolling and what to do about it. It really does sound like it will take more than just trying to correct it in class.

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It sounds as if a visit to a MD and/or a PT may be helpful. Speak with your ballet teacher regarding your concerns, since the teacher is more aware of your level of development and physical strength. However follow up with a medical professional is recommended. :lol:

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I have the same problem, my feet naturally roll in, especially when I walk. I went to a pediatrist and he told me that it is called pronating (spelling?), which is where your feet roll inwards when you walk. I now have to wear orthodics and they do not bother me at all. Also, my physical therapist had showed me how to tape my foot in a certain way so that it didn't not roll forwards, and it even made my leg go about 2 inches higher when i develope'd it to the side!

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2dance, is it possible that since correcting the pronation you have lifted up out of your hips and are able to maintain much better alignment and weight placement? If so, this would account for the increase in extension.

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