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Too late to become a professional??


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I have been dancing since I was three, but I really started ballet only about three years ago. I just turned 16. I feel like I have improved a lot, but I just recently went to audition for summer intensives and when I saw how ahead some of the other girls were I was pretty discouraged. Surprisingly, I was accepted to ABT Austin :toot: , but I still feel like I am nowhere near being good enough to become a professional. Is it too late for me? Becoming a professional ballet dancer is my dream, so I really want to fight for it. But am I trying for nothing? :P , because sometimes that is how I feel.

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Hello beatlesballerinette, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers :D


You know, trying hard for something you really love, especially something like ballet, which is something that can help you in so many ways and be a part of your life forever, is NEVER for nothing. :)


We can't say whether you can become a professional or not. We can't see you, and there are just way too many factors involved. It's way more than a matter of age. It is a good sign that you have done well enough in only 3 years to be accepted to a good SI, but your teacher is really the only one in a position to help you to know what your potential might be. :yucky:

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Thank you very much for replying! :wub: It made me feel a little bit better. I'll just keep trying my best and see where it takes me. Thank you again!

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Nothing is impossible with hard work and determination!!! Since this is so late,I don't know if it helps. If anything, I hope it encourages you!!

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