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Ballet Schools in Sweden - Lund


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Hello all! I am planning on studying abroad this summer in Lund, Sweden and was wondering if anyone knew of a place where I could take ballet classes (advanced adult ones) during that time. I really, really want to experience taking a ballet class elsewhere in the world.


And, as a side note, if you have any suggestions as to where I could watch ballets while over there, that would also be really helpful. =)

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Aahh! You lucky duck!! Lund is an adorable, charming, friendly place. I LOVED it!!! Definitely find the chocolatier in the little shop in the courtyard. My daughter and I are dying to go back.


But, I don't know anything about ballet classes (if any) there. As far as watching performances, well, Copenhagen (Royal Danish Ballet) is just a short train ride away from Lund. I think about 30-60 minutes (I forget exactly.) I saw them one evening. The theatre itself is lovely, too.


Stockholm (Royal Swedish Ballet) is abit farther, but we didn't make that trip, so I don't remember how far.


However, I also don't know when their performance season is. We were there in October.

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I also don't know about classes in Lund (though I agree it's really lovely!), but you might also try looking for schools in Malmo. One of the locations for Sweden's royal ballet school is there, which is promising. You could always called them and ask for suggestions closer to you. And, if I recall correctly, the train ride to Malmo from Lund is only about 20 minutes.

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Hi hailinpointeshoes!

Did you ever find a good ballet studio in Lund? I happen to be going there this August to study as well..but I don't want to stop dancing. If you know any adult ballet classes, Anyone else who might know of open classes for adults too I'd appreciate it! Thank you :)

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I have asked my Mom before (for my 12yo daughter, for when we come visit). She lives about 20min from Lund, 30min from Malmo. She has said that there really isn't anything of any caliber locally and suggested Copenhagen as the closest alternative. I will gladly ask her again, for ANY ballet studio nearby and you can call them yourself and find out whether it may be suitable. :)

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Dear NikkisMamma,


]Thank you for replying! My university advisor suggested these two places in Malmo but I haven't called them yet.

http://www.dansstudion-no1.se/ and Medborgarskolan http://www.medborgarskolan.se/.../Amneso.../dans-och-teater/


If you know anything else please let me know! I can't stop dancing during my studies, and would try to avoid the trip to copenhagen every week. In any case, did you find any good ballet schools for adult in copenhagen? :wub:

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