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Recently my family joined a local gym and I've been going but I'm not sure exactly what to do dance wise. I don't want to work the wrong muscles but I still want to work out and strengthen for dance. I also want to do stretches and warm-ups at home but I don't have a barre (yet, I'm getting one hopefully this spring) and I also only have a small space. What can I do? Thanks in advance for the help. And sorry if this is in the wrong forum!

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Hello Lexie, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers :)


Your post was moved over here, as the Nutrition and Health forum is limited to our medical specialists, and here you will get response from lots of adult students. :cool2:


I'm not a "work out" specialist, so I will leave that for the others to answer. In terms of the stretching and warming up at home, floor exercises are the best, as they don't need a lot of space. When you have a barre, then you can do your basic barre exercises, just like in class. Once you are warmed up with barre work, then you can work on the stretches for flexibility, like splits. :)

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I used to use a chair as my 'barre' at home - the advantage of that is, that you can't lean on it too much, as it will fall over.

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This topic was placed on the Adult Students forum by mistake, therefore, there are responses from adults here. I am leaving them.

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