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Pointe shoe tips


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I have been on pointe for a year. I do not have a naturally strong arch. I would like a way to stregthen my arch. How?

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This section is for Pointe Shoe topics only. I am moving your question to a technique forum.

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Hello dancey411, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers :(


Your ballet classes are designed to both strengthen and stretch all of the muscles in your feet. It is the whole foot that must be strong, not just the arch. The instep can improve over time, but it takes a very long time, and a lot of hard work. You must learn to really use your feet well, and that comes from lots and lots and lots of tendus, dégagés, pas de chevals, frappés, relevés, and even sautés! :) You can also work with a theraband outside of classes, and that will help with both strength and flexibility.

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do lots of releves on both feet and even do one foot at a time. also, therabands are your best friends! they are so helpful but you really have to gain the patience to wait for the results, and have the patience and determination to do it everyday!

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Prospective posters to this thread should be aware that dancey self-identified herself as being ten years old, and she's not going to be answering for about three years. Ten years old is a good reason not to be on pointe.


I guess I can close this thread.

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