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First off, hello! I'm new...

So, I'm 16 and dance at a pretty vigorous ballet academy. (2hrs, 6 days a week, not including rehearsals. Cut-throat, I know.) I've reached a point where I feel pretty confident with my technique. Unfortunately, I've also reached a point where I feel like my body's holding me back. I watch ballerina legends like Natalie Makarova or even Cynthia Harvey and I'm like [weight edited out by moderator] I look like a pretty slim normal person, and I know I am very strong. However, I do not look or weigh near them. I'm also concerned that any excess weight may be hard on my joints (e.g. knees, ankles...etc.) Is my___ lbs. [weight edited out by moderator] making steps harder than they would be for someone less bulky?

Or am I just a little too obsessed?

Any advice, stories, and/or comments, would be much apreciated,


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Hello 6leafclover, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers :)


I edited your post to take out numbers, as we do not discuss weight issues on BT for D. Without being able to see you, we have no way of knowing whether weight is a problem or not. If you are not sure, we suggest that you talk to your teacher. Body type and facility for ballet involve a great deal more than weight, and finding the right place for ones body has to be determined by structure, height, muscle tone, and basically a lot more by the look of the body than by any specific numbers on a scale.


I'm sorry to have to close your first thread on our forums, but I cannot leave it open because it is a topic not open for discussion. We do suggest that you read our Nutrition and Health Forum, especially the "Sticky" threads at the top of the forum. :(

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