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Nervous about class and how to dress


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I start my class this week and I feel nervous and I feel more nervous about what to wear! The school says proper attire but under adult class description it says to wear whatever is comfortable. I want "dress for success" as they say but I don't want to show up in a leo and tights and feel like I'm being stared at or laughed at. I want to be a serious adult student. I am thinking I should wear the leo & tights and not worry about it. I also think I will wear a pair of dance shorts so I won't feel too chilly or feel too exposed.


What should I do?



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For the ladies, one can never go wrong with a leotard, tights, and ballet shoes. It is always possible to add legwarmers, a fitted t-shirt, &c if you feel the need to be more covered up, but it is best to always wear proper attire underneath.

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What you suggest sounds fine to me. I always have a pair of thick socks to pull over my shoes, as I have what I think is 'hllux rigidus' in my big toe -- pain when I first start flexing it from old age basically -- so I like my feet & toes to be very warm before I start tendus. I tend to layer, so that I'm pulling stuff off by the 2nd tendu exercise, and just about everything is off except leotard & tights by the centre!


For me it's always important to feel my hair is very firmly fixed in place, but I have almost waist length heavy hair. Nothing worse than my bun falling out during turns across the studio.

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I like to wear a black leotard and pink tights and always have some kind of "cover up" with me when I go to a new class. That allows me to tailor my attire to everyone else in the class. A good cover up for me is maybe a semi-fitted tee with cap sleeves and a ballet skirt (shorts if you don't have a skirt). Many teachers on this board are, how shall we put this, violently opposed to shorts. Just to clear that up before it starts. I've been known to wear yoga pants when I was having a "fat day." I have attended some adult ballet classes were people were literally in gym clothes (seriously, including running shoes), but I found that was very inappropriate. Plus, street shoes should never be worn in a dance studio of course.


Definitely have your hair totally off your face. Buns are fine. I often get away with the dreaded tucked under ponytail. Keep it secure and definitely off your face. Not only will it annoy you in class, but it can actually be dangerous.

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Thanks for the replies! I already have my shoes and I think I will go pick up a leotard and tights! Why are some teachers so opposed to shorts? Are skirts more favorable?

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Thanks for the link to that thread. It was helpful to me to see see why the teachers don't like for the body to be hidden. I don't really have any body issues but I tend to cover up because I feel chilly a lot and am afraid of feeling cold in the studio :wacko: What do you suggest I wear in addition to the leo and tights, or should I wear nothing extra?

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I suppose the "classic" would be a fitted wrap sweater and a chiffon ballet skirt. The cool thing about adult classes is they are often very laid back, especially regarding attire.

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A long-sleeved leotard is also an option, in addition to the sweater that rshevin mentioned. Very fitted layers are usually the best idea; that way the clothes do not impede your dancing and you can easily take things off if you get too warm. Thin pink or white legwarmers may help, or a pair of socks that you can put on over your shoes.


As you advance more, you will be moving around faster so feeling cold should be less of an issue.

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Rshevin... ummm pretty sure I just bought out Danny's Wearhouse Attire. They have some awesome deals!


I'm new and although I did opt for a long sleeved leotard, it will be nice to have the wrap sweater I just ordered to go along with it. Then there were the soft leg warmers that matched... well you get the picture. Let's just say I'm more equipt in attire than talent at the moment :yes: Nice site suggestion. Thanks!


By the way, luvsmusicluvs2dance, I also found a little skirt at the place I got my leotard and I like it. Many of the lady's in my class had similar ones too... if you feel like adding to your ballet wardrobe!

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sshhhhhhhhhhh JleaD! That's half the reason I picked that particular link to send to luvmusic. I wanted her (and you, and everyone) in on our little cheap dancewear "secret." Glad you enjoyed Danny's. They DO have good deals as long as you can find something in your size/style.

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I take an adult class once a week and wear bike shorts and a fitted singlet with soft shoes- this is fine at my class though most others wear tights/leotards. I will probably make it to that attire once I have been taking class long enough and intend to continue taking it long enough to invest in the proper ballet gear. It probably depends on your school as to what they like you to wear but mine isn't too fussy for adult class!


I definitely wouldn't wear anything baggy :grinning:

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