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Nervous about class and how to dress


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If I’ve followed your various posts correctly, you have described yourself as being about 6 feet tall, wear an extra large top, have a bit of “Old Lady Fat” on the thighs and some acne on your back. Somehow I’m sure people are going to notice you in class regardless of how modest you dress.


But I will also tell you, again based on your posts and regardless of how you might describe yourself, you sound like exactly the kind of fellow student that I love being in class with. You demonstrate courage, determination, a sense of humor, and that you are willing to pursue a dream where others would retire. You are the kind of classmate that provides the rest of us adult students of ballet the most valuable gift we can possibly get, and that is inspiration.


I would be honored anytime to stand beside you at the barre in just about whatever attire you may choose to show up in.



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"you sound like exactly the kind of fellow student that I love being in class with"


I second that. Its a pity that that we can't find a way (maybe just a virtual one) where the BT4D posters can all have a class together, taught by our esteemed teacher-moderators!



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I'm a few years younger than you (32), but I've had bad acne my entire live. My 60 year old father still struggles with it as well. Mine is on my face, and has been cystic before, disfiguring, and VERY painful. I took several medications in my teens for it, but the side effects weren't worth it, for me.


I don't know if it works as well on acne on the back and shoulders, but Proactiv solution really delivers. My skin is completely different from using this product. It works really really really well for me:) And other people I've recommended it to have had good luck with it.


People who knew me before I started using the product never fail to comment on how good I look now. My skin is not 100% clear (I always pass out on the couch with makeup on LOL), but the difference is dramatic.

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I think that is the absolute most wonderful thing anybody has ever said to me. My eyes teared up. Thank you.

I might mention that I find the rest of you here inspirational as well. I just love adult dancers.

I especially like the part you said about how folks are going to notice me no matter what. How could I have forgotten that? I'd like to put your remark in my book. May I? I will try to quote you properly but I won't be using real names.

I am writing one based on how people have reacted to me throughout my life and it is intended to be funny.




Years ago I realized that my attempts to blend in on stage in plays and musicals was pretty silly and I might as well go for standing out. I guess wearing the standard gear isn't going to make me blend in ballet class either. Still, I don't think I will be looking to stand out unless my technique shapes up...a lot.

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