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izzy, according to your introduction, you do not have enough classes. Pirouettes come with training, and you are simply not receiving enough training. Beyond that, we can't correct your pirouettes without being able to see you. But, there are a ton of topics on pirouettes on this forum, with all kinds of advice from our teacher moderators. So, happy reading. :wacko:

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I'm no expert, but I am a technical book nerd when it comes to ballet :lol: (I love it too much! B)) so I have a couple of things that may help...

If you're finding it hard to balance, and/or feel dizzy, it could be because you're not spotting well enough, or when you do spot, your head goes lopsided. The most important part of spotting is keeping your head level, because the fluid in your ears and behind yur eyes is what controls your balance, so if you tip your head, the fluid is unsettled and you can't balance. That was my main problem.

Also, when you pirouette, try to get a really strong relevé, so that when you turn you still use your shoulders to push you round, but you don't need to use them so vigorously they knock you off balance :lol: Also a strong relevé should mean you get your supporting leg right beneath you, so you have a real centre of balance. Don't try to go over your leg though, get your leg under you if that makes sense. Otherwise it's too easy to develop bad habits and become one-sided. :)

Pirouettes are all technique technique technique, so you really must go back to basics, think about every stage, and make sure your pirouettes are perfectly placed every fraction of a degree of the turn, to ensure perfect balance and harmony in pirouette world :)

I hope this helps. I don't want to write too much, because like I said, I'm not a teacher, I just love studying technique... :wub: Technique freak! I suppose...

Oh, and here's something that helps! Sorry, last thing. Breathe in as you prepare to turn, breathe out as you do turn. That way your posture is often better as you begin, and you are nice and relaxed (but still nicely placed!) whilst you do turn, so you just go for it! :lol:

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Glad to help :lol: I just hope what I said is okay, it's the best I could explain what I knew from experience! B):wub::) :)



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i was taught to use the back muscles and the abs when you turn. if you fall forward, hold your back more. If you fall backwards, hold your abs more. if you fall to the sides, your arms are not right. make sure you pull up int the turn and try to get a higher passe.

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