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Knees HURT!


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ok so my knees drive me crazy!!!! i can't stand in first with my heels touching because of them and i can't do my splitz either! the only thing that hurts in my splits are my knees! when i go down into one of my splits i can't go that far because my knees start to hurt really bad. whats wrong with my knees?!?!?!?! :wacko:


Dizzy Izzy

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Izzy, if your knees are hurting you really need to see a doctor to determine what the problem is.


In terms of technique, what do you mean you can't stand in first with your heels touching because of the knees? Are they hurting because you have to work too hard to straighten them, or are they too straight, like hyperextended, which means they push backward and if you put your heels together they overlap, or are they hurting because of the rotation?


In terms of splits, if your knees hurt when you do that, don't do it. At least not until you find out why your knees are hurting.

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