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White Lodge


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Heeeey! :)

I am in LOVE :wub: with White Lodge, and I wondered if anyone knew any interesting bits of history about it???

I might be going for some day-long courses soon, and *fingers crossed!* their summer school! I have tried to hind out as much as possible, but would love to know more!!! So if you know anything (no matter how random- in fact, the more random, the better!), don't hold back!!

I know about the legendary Fonteyn Statue, and her middle finger, and that the Year 7 boys' dorm was where King Edward the V (I think it was that Edward :lol: ) was born!!! Oh, and the academic block is the kings old stable!!! How lucky are the students of RBS to go to a school that has such amazing ballet history, and royal history???? And they're all amazing dancers.... I so envy them!!! :)B)


Thanks!!! :lol:

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