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You can delete this post after if you like, but.... :wub:

D'you think I can be a member of the buddy board now? :)



I love B) this site.....

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Okay, LilBalletDancer, you are now a "teen", and should see the Buddy Board B)

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You are now a BB member, OperaDeParis :yes:

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You have been added, DancingIsMyLife :happy:

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BalletQt121, the Buddy Board is a place for teens to discuss things about ballet that are not allowed on the YD boards. It is private, and you can even exchange email addresses there. However, you have to be a full member to be admitted to this forum, which means at least 30 substantial posts. You have been here a long time, but do not have enough posts yet. When you achieve 30 posts, please ask again. It is not automatic, and one of the administrators has to admit you.

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