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I can get my leg high to the back at sort of high to the front, but I need help when i go to the side. I try to pt my hip under and it is getting better but, not a lot!! What do I do?

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dancey411 your question is a very specific one and difficult to answer without seeing you. As for putting your "hips under", this can mean different things to different people. Can you explain what it means to you? How long have you been studying ballet and how many days a week. These things can make a difference.


Extentions, in any direction, involve flexibility and strength to hold the leg in the air. Assuming you do understand good placement of the body and how to rotate your legs in your hip sockets, always think lengthen when raising the leg from the floor to the ground. Lifting through developpe may feel easier for you however it is more strengthening to lift the leg upward from the floor. It is called different things in different methods of schooling. :)

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