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Not Getting Into SAB


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I don't know if anyone has wrote about this, but I was just wondering. My best friends sister is the most amazing dancer I've ever seen. Everything is perfect about her. Her turns, extension, feet, EVERYTHING! The three of us went to the Boston Audition and thought we did well. We got our letters back and we all didn't get in. Now in her audition, there were 6 girls, and 4 boys. She was the best one there. I don't know how to help her because she is now devistated. She won't audition anywhere else and her parents aren't helping the situation. She is shutting herself out. :thumbsup: Two questions.


1.) How does anyone help her? (I can't force her to audition anywhere else)


2.) Did anyone else get into SAB from the Boston audition? :o

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Hello companymem, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers :thumbsup:


SAB is one of the more difficult programs to get into, and they are very specific in terms of what they look for. Not making it there is really not at all a criteria of someones ability as a dancer, but simply that they are not the right type that that particular program is looking for.


If someone is going to let one negative audition result deter her from all others, then that is her problem. There is nothing you can do about it, other than explain to her the facts of life. There are many, many wonderful programs out there, and not making SAB is simply not the end of the world...not even the end of life in ballet. :o


If she does not want to try anything else, then perhaps she doesn't really want to go away, or maybe even to dance. You've got to have a lot thicker skin than that! Giving up after one audition is not how one is going to become a dancer.

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Yeah, I've auditioned for SAB before and I didn't get in either. At first I was really sad, but then I realized that just because I didn't get into SAB it doesn't me I should give up completely.

You should tell your friend that she's still a beautiful dancer and just because she didn't get into SAB it doesn't mean she won't get in somewhere else.

However, if she still shuts herself out then maybe it is just something that she needs to think about and come to a conclusion on herself.

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:lol: companymem07-08, you may find the answer to your question regarding SAB's Boston audition over on the "School of American Ballet--Who's Going?" thread in the Summer Intensive forum. :D
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Not getting into one program is definitely not the end of the world. There are so many great programs out there...she shouldn't be discouraged!

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