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How to get into a preprofessional school

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tutu123, it depends on which school you are talking about.


Some schools will accept anyone interested in training and will place the student in the appropriate level. Some schools require auditions for entrance and for level placement. Some schools have pre-ballet classes and accept children as young as 3 years old on up. Some schools are residential (i.e., boarding) and accept students at an older age (9 or 10 maybe). Other residential schools are set up only for high school and post-high school age dancers.

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Hello JudyA, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers :wub:


Many professional company schools have programs for post graduates. They are sometimes actually connected to the company, and they might be called Trainees, Apprentices, or 2nd Company members. These programs are, however, highly limited and by audition only. Some of them have some housing available, most do not.


The pre-pro residency schools are primarily for high school students, although some take them a bit younger.


There are very good college dance programs too, and many dancers, who might not be quite ready to audition for a company when they graduate from high school, will attend college as dance majors.

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A few questions from an American who has lived most of her life in Europe:


At the pre-pro residency programs in the US, do the students attend high-school on the side, or do they stop academic school as of 8th or 10th grade?


What about the foreign students, or are there not that many?



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Diane, some of the schools have in-house academics, some of them attend a nearby high school with a special arrangement for early release, and some of them are using online schooling. But no, they do not generally stop their academic school. Foreign students attend school as well, unless they have completed their academic requirements in their own country.

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Thanks. That is encouraging.



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