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i'm 14, i've been doing ballet for 3 years and i skipped some levels so now i'm one level behind my age group.


i do 8 classes, amounting up to 12 hours a week, plus typically one rehearsal on the weekend.


does this sound like enough? i'm going to try and squeeze in 2 more classes a week. does this sound like enough to be a legitimate aspiring dancer?

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Dear Carrie,


As you have probably noticed in classes, level is set by ability to do and not by age. Yes, you should be taking more classes now if your goal is to dance professionally. Age does sort of enter into it when you consider it as an indicator of how close you are to high school graduation, and how you and your parents view your career track. I can't see you, so I can't tell whether adding more than two would be pushing things, especially with your turnout, extension, ability to move quickly, and many other variables. In ballet training, never force - it should be a gradual progression from achievement to achievement as your technique, flexibility and strength advance.

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Right! It is not the number of hours nearly as much as it is the quality of those hours, and how they are divided and used. The main thing is a daily technique class, followed by several pointe classes during the week, adding more as you progress in levels.

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