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slippery pointe shoes


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my dd is doing her pointe solo tonight and we are concerned about the floor being slippery. any suggestions on how to remedy this? she is not slipping while up on pointe- but when she is flat on the floor.



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just to clarify this is the 2nd time doing a pointe solo in her life. she has never done pointe with a group. she will be dancing tonight on a wooden floor vs a marley one. someone mentioned using a cheese grater to the bottom of her shoe?


specifically she is slipping on the part of her varation (aurora act III) where she does the turns with the developpe and is on flat between (hope that makes sense).


any suggestions would be helpful as we are so new we are unsure what is typical. in her other types dance we have used soda to make her shoes sticky - but that doesnt seem like a good idea on pointe shoes.

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Resin works on a wood floor. Should always have some of that with you. I would also scratch up the back of the shoe. And when she is doing that manège with the développé she needs to be very sure that her body weight is forward and leading the feet. Don't let the feet get in front of the body! There is a chassé (or tombé) coupé in between the relevé développés, and she needs to be forward and getting up nicely so that both feet are nicely pointed in fifth position in the air on that step. :yes:

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